#89 Dustin Slinkard

Year: Junior
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205
Position: TE/LB
Hometown: Dove Canyon

Dustin returns as the starting tight end for the Eagles after a solid 2000 season. Dustin has tremendous hands and runs extremely accurate routes, but he is also a very physical blocker in the running game. A player with unlimited potential, Dustin should build upon last year's success and have a breakout season.

Player of the Game
Lakewood - Offensive Line
Rialto - Offensive Line
Strength Eagles
Speed Eagles
Iron Eagles
Power Eagles
500, 800, 900 lb. Clubs


Dustin showed everyone the type of player he is through his spectacular touchdown catch versus Lakewood. It was a remarkable catch made in the worst of weather conditions, in the middle of traffic and despite the bone crushing hit that flipped his body 360 degrees. Dustin also played a key role for the successful ground attack.

Dustin is a member of the Strength Eagles, Speed Eagles, Iron Eagles, Power Eagles 500 lb. Club, 800 lb. Club and the 900 lb. Club. Dustin has a 40 time of 4.65 and a pro-agility time of 4.28.