4 Years Together

For the parents of the "Original 17" seniors, the past four years add up to so much more than the 36-8-1 record our boys have accomplished under Jim Hartigan, their first and only head coach. We have seen our sons grow, not just on the football field, but much more, we can be assured that the faith, commitment and dedication they have taken into battle have prepared them well for the bigger game of life. 6 other seniors - Nathan Beckett, Darren Jones, Dan Marchese, John McKeehan, Andy Sulick & Thad Zak have joined the charter group over the years and made great contributions. For all of us, the binding friendships we have been blessed with at Santa Margarita will stay with us long after that final gun.

#2 Travis Lucero #4 Steve Feeney #7 Trevor Yankoff #21 David Shearer
#43 Jason Ortiz #44 Sergio Muniz #47 John Byszewski #50 Chad Cunningham
#55 Shane Mielke #56 Ryan Mummert #57 Jesse Lohnes #66 Jim Halloran
#73 Matt Deller #81 Eric Brown #85 Ron Mehrens #86 Pat Keane
#99 Mike Farris and of course, Coach Jim Hartigan